Is the World Wide Web at your fingertips?

Are you struggling to get noticed using various traditional forms of marketing? Those ways are important ... but the world is moving toward the web faster and faster...

Jennie Poppenger and Face To Face have invested the time, gathered the resources, and packaged the information so that you can leverage precisely what you, or your company, need. Don't get sucked into all of the hype with various programs that often have lackluster results. Jennie helps you makes the best impression.



Opportunities For You & Your Business...

  • Providing Best Solutions
    Jennie brings strong,varied sales & marketing business experience effectively representing a diverse clientele; from pets to finances to tech!
  • Monthly Management
    Jennie maintains the online face of businesses and professionals at the #1 location for traffic online today: Facebook. She presents your unique voice to free you to run your business!
  • Providing Solutions
    Without social media in your marketing tool bag, you are missing out on a significiant solution for your company!
  • Professional Research
    As the Social Media Whisperer, Jennie ensures use of cutting edge digital strategies for marketing, engaging customers to drive your sales!